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Whether it is the most luxurious, the nice, new or slightly older, but fully functional motorhome models, we have a motorhome for your needs.
Inspiration for a fantastic vacation
Get inspiration to the perfect vacation with the family, where the trip is a part of the experience - in a well equipped and luxury mobilehome from CamperWorld.

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Whether you are looking for the latest and most luxury, the nice and new, or the slightly older but fully functional motorhome, so we have the motorhome to your needs.


Vacation inspiration

Inspiration for camper vacation and experience such as festivals, Denmark or Scandinavia nature, salmon fishing in Norway, wineries in France and Tuscany’s romance from the motorhome.


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CamperWorld has many years of experience with rental and sale of motorhomes and associated equipment and services. We strive to give our customers an experience out of the ordinary.



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Travel desire is greater than ever. Not only traveling Danes abroad to experience new cultures and see familiar sights. The tourists who come to Denmark, are also much more diverse than they were just 20-30 years ago. It sets high standards for the travel industry, and it puts so much some demands on us in the camping industry.

In Camper World, we have a number of years specialized in the rental and sale of caravans and associated equipment.

We strive to give our customers an experience out of the ordinary, and it should not at least be easy to be a customer of Camper World.

Our homes reflect our customers. They are available in a variety of models with different sleeping arrangements, and there is room for both large families as a twosome. We have only in 2016 introduced 22 new mobile homes in rental fleet, and to peak in 2017 has so far ordered an additional 24 new RVs.

We endeavor to the degree that it is the latest models from some of Europe’s leading manufacturers, we rent and subsequently sells.

In addition to the most modern technology, all our motorhome resourced with bedding – the most delicious duvets, pillows and linen – as well as kitchen and service – cutlery, plates, etc.

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