Greater freedom and better cohesion

Travel enthusiasm is bigger than ever. Not only do we travel Danes abroad to experience new cultures and see famous sights. The tourists who come to Denmark are also far more diverse than they were just 20-30 years ago. This puts high demands on the travel industry, and this places some demands on us in the camping industry.

For a number of years, CamperWorld has specialized in rental and sale of motorhomes and related equipment. We are passionate about giving our customers an experience beyond the ordinary, and it must be easy to be a customer at CamperWorld.

Motorhomes adapted to your holiday and your life

Our campers reflect our customers. They are available in a myriad of models with several different sleeping arrangements, and there is room for both large families and duality. In 2016 alone we have installed 22 new motorhomes in the rental fleet, and for the high season in 2017, another 24 new motorhomes have been booked for the time being. We strive to such an extent that these are the latest models from some of Europe’s leading manufacturers, which we rent out and subsequently sell.

We take care of everything

In addition to the most up-to-date technology, all our motorhomes are equipped with bedding – the most delicious duvets, pillows and linen – as well as kitchen equipment and service – cutlery, plates, etc.

CamperWorld raises the standard for motorhome rental in Denmark.


    As CEO, Lars has the overall responsibility for finance and daily management.

  • Margit Andreasen
    Margit Andreasen Rental and Sale

    Margit has a huge knowledge and experience in relation to what you as a customer have of needs and wishes.

  • Mai-Britt Andreasen
    Mai-Britt Andreasen Rental and Sale

    Mai-Britt’s mission is to make it easy to be a customer at CamperWorld.


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