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Travel desire is greater than ever before. Many Danes travel abroad to experience new cultures and see familiar sights and the tourists who come to Denmark, are also much more diverse than they were just 20-30 years ago. This sets high standards for the travel industry and it puts a high demand on the camping and motorhome industry as a whole.

CamperWorld has many years of experience specializing in the rental and sale of attractive motorhomes and associated equipment and services.

CamperWorld strive to give our customers an experience out of the ordinary and it should always be easy to be a customer at CamperWorld. CamperWorld raises the bar for motorhome rental in Denmark.

We both rent and sell motorhomes.

Luxury motorhomes tailored to your specific holiday needs

Our motorhomes reflect our customers. They are available in a variety of models with different sleeping arrangements and there is room for both large families, small families, couples as well as a large group of friends.

This year we have introduced 22 new motorhomes in our rental fleet, and we have so far ordered an additional 24 new autocampers. We have the latest models from some of Europe’s leading manufacturers. 

In addition to the most modern technology, all our motorhomes are equiped with bedding – the most delicate duvets, pillows and linen – as well as kitchen and service – cutlery, plates, etc.

Please contact us if you are interested in what motorhome we can recommend for your next vacation.

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