Tailor-made rental of luxury motorhomes for business and business use

Camping is not just for private. A large part of our customers are companies and associations, and the possibilities of using our motorhomes are almost endless. Here are some examples of business use:

Motorhome for media and editorial use

A motorhome is ideal as a editorial and editing space combined with the possibility of accommodation when journalists and cameramen have to cover news around the country.

Rent a camper for organizations and associations

Especially in connection with the people’s meeting on Bornholm, we find that political organisations are taking motorhomes to stay overnight in – partly because it is difficult to find available rooms, but also because the prices in the area increased significantly during the period. At Camperworld we have a fixed price in the high season and a fixed price in the low season, and we do not set the price up on special occasions. On the other hand, we would like to offer discounts for longer rental or hire of several motorhomes at the same time.

Rent a camper for business

When companies tell us what to do with the camper, we are always amazed at the many unseen possibilities. From the all-classic rolling office and overnight in connection with fairs and exhibitions to the more creative as team building events and Tourbus. We even had a company that wanted the camper to be foliated with its own advertisements and logos – and we said yes to that.

Rent a motorhome for police and preparedness

Again, there are many possibilities. From previous rentals we can mention that some wagons are used for monitoring and shelter in demonstrations and border controls.

Rent a camper for movies, photos and recordings

There is no doubt that our largest business customer segment is production companies that make advertising and feature films. Instructors who are staying in them at the location. Actors who are just going to keep warm and relax in between filming. In some cases, the recordings themselves have even taken place in and around the rented camper.

Although it is not something we advertise or disclose to anyone else, it is a bit funny to know that “this motorhome has Mads Mikkelsen kept warm for 5 days in connection with the recording of a promotional film” or “This camper has Lars von Trier overnight For 4 weeks “.


Camperworld collaborates with a number of organisations and companies. We are always interested in discussing exciting and relevant win-win collaborations where we can enjoy each other’s competencies and networks.

Below you can see a number of selected references:

  • Danish cycling Union
  • Radio 24seven
  • Nordisk Film Produktion ApS
  • Cosmo Film Fiktion ApS
  • Miso Film
  • Mastiff A/S
  • R2P Tracking
  • Feriefonden Holbæk Kommune
  • Rally Cycling
  • Copenhagen Historic Race

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Contact us if you are interested in hearing more about the possibilities of hiring a luxury camper. We collaborate with a large number of companies and associations, to the great delight of their employees/members.