Take a motorhome to Le Mans and experience the race

Le Mans is a small French town a few hundred kilometers southwest of Paris, filled with fascinating museums, beautiful monasteries and impressive cathedrals, and that alone makes it a city that is worth visiting.

Wroom Wroom

But let’s admit it, most of the tourists do not come to Le Mans to see trivial tourist attractions. Oh no … We want excitement, we want to experience the smell of burnt rubber, hot engines and burned gasoline. A top speed of over 340 km / h driving both day and night, where both man and car are pushed to the extreme through 24 nerve-wracking hours, making this classic endurance race one of the world’s toughest and most prestigious races.

Every year in June more than 30,000 Danes travel to Le Mans, where we collaborate with more than 250,000 spectators from around the world experiencing the unique atmosphere of motorsport, party and socializing.

  • Wednesday: the battle for the starting positions start.
  • Friday: the pit is open to the public and in the evening you can get quite close to the favorites when the drivers are presented in the legendary parade through Le Mans town.
  • Saturday: in the afternoon the race starts … 24 hours with full speed!

Experience Le Mans in luxury manner

Why not sleep dry and comfortable in one of our newest mobile homes with kitchens, soft beds, private bathroom and heating for those slightly chilly nights. The advantage of a motor home is that you do not need a campsite. You can park – almost – where you want, as long as there is room.

There are many camp sites in the area, both permanent and some are set up for the purpose of the Le Mans race. They vary in location and amenities, and there is indeed something for every taste and budget. In several places, there are even Danish camps, where you are surrounded by like-minded people with a passion for motorsport.

If you want space in a camp, which also holds events during the week, it is a good idea to be out in good time. Seats are reserved quickly, and especially the places for caravans and camper vans are sometimes booked several years in advance.

At the large parking lot between the main grand stand and the small air field, there is always room. The best spaces are the first to go, so make sure you arrive in due time

Whether you stay at a camp or in a ditch – beware – the experience at Le Mans is highly addictive!

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