It is certainly not all travel types that are equally suitable for families with children. Often, parents and children, have a conflicting understanding of what “a good holiday” is. At CamperWorld, we love spending the holidays with our families including parents, grandparents and our children. This has given us a vast experience that we can share with you.

Travelling with children should be organized according to their needs and desires. As simple as that. Otherwise the journey is too boring and too exhausting. And it is a bad experience for everyone.

Vacations should be relaxing for all parties

The benefits of self-drive holidays with children are many. CamperWorld can help organize a holiday to meet your specific needs and desires. Perhaps you are so lucky that you all want an active vacation, a relaxing holiday or a sightseeing holiday, but in most families, there is a big difference between what the different parties want. The advantage with vacationing in a motorhome is that you can plan a trip for everybody and see many different and exciting destinations. And remember – the journey to the next destination is also part of the vacation.

If you have special “driving days” to reach from one destination to another, remember entertainment and snacks. In a motorhome, the passengers can sit around the dining table during the journey and play cards, relax or read a good book. Storage, refrigerator and services are all within reach. You will have you own kitchen and you can eat whenever and wherever it suits you. The kids can take naps in calm surroundings, having their parents close by.

All our motorhomes come with safety rail and bunk beds, so the entire family can rest easy. CamperWorld provides duvets, pillows, linens, kitchen equipment and service for the whole family. All you need to prepare is, what clothes you should bring with you and where you are going. You do not have tp worry about where to spend the night, for the majority of our motorhomes are registered as general passenger cars, and can therefore stay wherever a car can park.

Examples of child-friendly experiences

  • Discover the classic children’s book characters in Astrid Lindgren World in Sweden.
  • Play with your favorite adventure in the Children Tinderbox Odense on Funen.
  • Follow in the Vikings footsteps and visit Trelleborg near Slagelse, where you can experience Ribe Viking Center, see the Jelling Stone and the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde.
  • Animals are always a great attraction for all, and in Denmark, there are lots of amazing wildlife parks and Zoos: Ree Park, Scandinavian Wildlife Park, Givskud Park, Knuthenborg Safari Park, Copenhagen Zoo.
  • Around Europe there are hundreds of both indoor and outdoor water parks, amusement parks and traditional tourist attractions. See the view from the Eiffel Tower before you continue to Disneyland in Paris. Sailing in a gondola on the canals and eat ice cream at St. Marcus Square in Venice.
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