Whether you like festive, quivering bubbles from Champagne in the north or the more mundane drops from the Languedoc in the south, the French wine country is unique.

France is the country in the world with most winemakers. Alone in Languedoc and Roussillon, there are more vineyards than in the entire United States combined. Each wine district has its own characteristics, so a wine vacation could take one or several weeks.

You can indulge in one district and follow the classical route, or you can run the length and breadth of the country and pick up exactly the vineyards and the sights you want to see.

You can take the whole family and spice up the tour with stories about the Sun King, Jeanne D’arc and Huguenots, or you can enjoy the adult togetherness, while you are driving through the beautiful scenery and the quaint medieval towns, and let you be seduced by the French idyll.

CamperWorld can recommend Route des vins – Alsatian wine route

This 170 km long stretch from Marlenheim in the north of Alsace to Thann in the south, is one of the world’s oldest wine routes. It is in addition to the classic vineyards characterized by flower-decorated houses, churches from the 12th century, magnificent castles and interesting old buildings. Colmar is considered the wine capital of Alsace. Here one can think of the French sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi (1834-1904) with a copy of the Statue of Liberty. The city is the center for the arts, museums and picturesque neighborhoods with charming pedestrian streets.

If you like wine, culture (museums and city life), architecture (hundreds of churches, castles and towers), history (cemeteries from World War 2), cars (Bugatti Museum in Monsheim) and magnificent scenery, then Route des vins right something for you.

In an motorhome you decide the route

You can plan in advance from home or you can spontaneously be inspired by the landscape and road signs. You can park in general parking for the night and continue on your trip the day after, or you can stay at a campsite and see the surrounding attractions. It’s all up to you and your imagination.

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