Seeing the black night sky transform into a gaudy palette of green, pink and violet is one of the most magical experiences. As you stand there in the resounding silence, broken only by your own breathing, the daily stream of thoughts stops and you can not do anything other than take it in.

The best place to experience the Northern Lights is in Lapland in the northernmost part of Sweden. Light pollution is extremely small, and there is much less rainfall and humidity in the weather than the places, for example, is located along the coasts of Northern Norway. To experience the Northern Lights in the best possible way, it should be dark, really dark, almost pitch black, so it is clearly an advantage to go there in the winter – from October to March.

On the way to Lapland there are a lot of exciting places to see: For example, the ice hotel in Jukkasjarvi and the Sami Winter Market in Jokkmokk, which has been held for more than 400 years. In a motorhome you can take the tour at your own pace and discover the things you have always dreamed about. You can also just go with the flow and let yourself be surprised by the things just around the corner.

A holiday in a motorhome gives freedom and peace of mind.

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