In Denmark alone, there are nearly 200 golf courses of very diverse characteristics. Park trails, forest tracks and seaside courses galore. In some areas, the golf courses are so close, that you can play 2 courses in one day.

The benefits of taking a golf vacation in a motorhome are many

You can easily drive to the golf courses you want to play on. You can stay right next to the course, so you are ready to hit the course early the next day.

You can have all your equipment with you without having to lug around on it from place to place. You can easily make your meals in the functional kitchen.

You decide where to play and what you will experience. Whether it is a long weekend or several weeks on the road, you will not have to pack your things together again and again to travel to a new location. You have everything with you at all times. Easy and convenient.

Golfing holidays are a wonderful way to spend your vacation with lots of fresh air and exercise, unique scenery and of course spending time with people you like.

CamperWorld provide duvets, pillows and linens, kitchen and service. Just make sure to pack your clothes and your equipment, and then just drive off toward the desired golf course.

Remember to book tee times in advance – especially if you travel in high season!

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