Giottiline G-Line 938

Extremely well furnished and completely integrated luxury motorhome with plenty of floor space.

Contains a queen bed at the back of the motorhome and a double pull-down bed over the sitting area. The motorhome has room for 4 people.

The motorhome is divided into the master bedroom and living room. It also has a separate shower and toilet. Furthermore, there is extra space for storage in the trunk.

The seating group is functionally equipped with a removable table plate and plenty of room for arms and legs. The two rotary pilot seats in front of the motorhome are also included as part of the sitting area, and here you get really good seating comfort.


Giottiline G-Line 938

4 beds

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Standard equipment on this motorhome

  • Awning
  • Bike Rack
  • Navigation
  • Oven
  • Radio
  • Rear View Camera
  • Truma Combi 6
  • Truma Combi 6
  • Plan for the motorhome


    Weight Unknown
    License type See weight above
    Lenght750 cm
    Width233 cm
    Height278 cm
    Standing Height200