Here you will find the most frequently asked questions – all with corresponding answers.

Other answers can be found in our rental conditions, and in addition, our rental staff is always ready to help you with all your questions on telephone +45 88 16 90 00.

What is the difference between the various motorhome models?

Our motorhomes are categorized by how many people can sleep in the motorhome. Some models are very similar, and in those cases, it is often only the rear bed that makes the difference. How would you prefer to sleep in the holidays? Should it be a queen size bed, double bed, twin beds or a transverse double bed?

What is the process of a typical motorhome rental?
  • You can find the ideal motorhome / motorhome that covers your specific needs and wishes.
  • You pay with bank transfer and this ensures that we do not rent the motorhome / motorhome to others.
  • You will receive a booking confirmation and a copy of the rental conditions via the e-mail you submit.
  • If you “only” have paid the deposit upfront you must pay the remaining amount no later than 30 days before the delivery date.
  • You pick up the motorhome / motorhome at the appointed time at our destination I Glostrup, and making a disclosure report, signed by you and provisioning staff.
  • You have a splendid holiday.
  • You return the motorhome / motorhome at the appointed time at our location in Greve and make a delivery report to be signed.
Can I choose another rental day than Friday?

In high season the pick up day is usually Fridays or Mondays. If you rent more than 14 days you can try calling us to see if there is any openings in our calender.

In the Low season we are much more flexible.


How can I pay?

When booking a motorhome, reservation and rental terms are send or delivered to the lessee. If booking is made less than 60 days prior to pick-up, rent, starting kit and any optional equipment is paid to confirm booking. When booked more than 60 days before the pick-up, a booking amount of at least DKK 2,000 is due to pay. The rest of the amount for rent, starting kit and any extras are due no later than 60 days before pick.up. If not paid in timely manner without prior agreement, the lessor considers the lease to be terminated. Any payment is considered to be an acceptance of the rental conditions unless otherwise noted on the confirmation.

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What should I do in case of accidents and injuries?

In case of an accident involving the motorhome, please contact CamperWorld +45 88 16 90 00, who will assess what happens next. CamperWorld has subscribed to both SOS road side assistance and European Breakdown Service, and we will always try to find the best solution.
Particularly in accidents: Always make sure to get a police report and never take the blame on them abroad. It can get expensive! If others are involved in the accident, remember to get information for insurance purposes. Remember to document via pictures; the damages, the other party’s number plate and other things that are necessary in the event of subsequent insurance claim.

When do I get my deposit back?

A deposit of 7.000 DKK has to be paid when renting a motorhome. The deposit gets reserved on a credit card when the motorhome gets picked up, and gets releases upon delivery if the motorhome is in the same condition as it was on pick-up and the rental terms and conditions is respected. If the lessee has no credit card the deposit can by paid in cash or transferred to our bank account. The lessee is liable for any claims arising from his/her use of the motorhome, including any fines, fees, taxes, damages, lack of cleaning, etc.

Note: If any damages occur it can take up to 30 days before releasing the rest of the deposit. When driving in Sweden and Norway it may take up to 120 days before the lessor receives letters of charges for tolls. The lessee may therefore save receipts for the payment of toll fees, as the lessor otherwise holds a part of the deposit for up to 120 days for any unpaid tolls.