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Payment information

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All prices are in Danish Kroner (DKK) and incl. vat.


When booking a motorhome, reservation and rental terms are send or delivered to the lessee. If booking is made less than 60 days prior to pick-up, rent, starting kit and any optional equipment is paid to confirm booking. When booked more than 60 days before the pick-up, a booking amount of at least DKK 2,000 is due to pay. The rest of the amount for rent, starting kit and any extras are due no later than 60 days before pick.up. If not paid in timely manner without prior agreement, the lessor considers the lease to be terminated. Any payment is considered to be an acceptance of the rental conditions unless otherwise noted on the confirmation.


A deposit of 7.000 DKK has to be paid when renting a motorhome. The deposit gets reserved on a credit card when the motorhome gets picked up, and gets releases upon delivery if the motorhome is in the same condition as it was on pick-up and the rental terms and conditions is respected. If the lessee has no credit card the deposit can by paid in cash or transferred to our bank account. The lessee is liable for any claims arising from his/her use of the motorhome, including any fines, fees, taxes, damages, lack of cleaning, etc. Note: If any damages occur it can take up to 30 days before releasing the rest of the deposit. When driving in Sweden and Norway it may take up to 120 days before the lessor receives letters of charges for tolls. The lessee may therefore save receipts for the payment of toll fees, as the lessor otherwise holds a part of the deposit for up to 120 days for any unpaid tolls.


If cancellation is made up to 60 days prior to the date of pick-up: The deposit is refunded along with the rental fee except 2.000 DKK.

If cancellation is made 30-60 days prior to the date of pick-up: The deposit is refunded along with the rental fee except 4.000 DKK.

If cancellation is made within 30 days prior to the date of pick-up: The lessee will be liable for the full cost of the hire, if the motorhome cannot be leased to another during the period for which the lessee had originally booked it. If the motorhome is leased to another, the deposit is refunded along with the rental fee except 4.000 DKK.

Note: The lessee can take out cancellation insurance with, for example, “Europæiske”, at 6 % of the cost of leasing the motorhome.

The leasing / rental period

Unless otherwise agreed with the lessor, the hire period will be for complete weeks (7 nights).

Pick-up will take place between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m., but can be moved to earlier/later if the logistics allows.

Returning of the motorhome will take place on the agreed day between 9 a.m. and 10.30 a.m.

The lessee may agree on a more precise time for picking-up and returning the motorhome, thus preventing the most waiting time. During high season extraordinary waiting time may occur.

Terms and conditions for driving a CamperWorld motorhome

For insurance reasons, the motorhome may only be driven by people over the age of 25 and who have held a valid class B driving license for a minimum of 2 years. Copies of driving licenses for all drivers must be submitted to the lessor no later than on the day of pick-up. If copies of driving licenses are not submitted by the date of pick-up, the motorhome shall be deemed unclaimed and the terms and conditions of cancellation shall apply. When being driven, the motorhome must only transport the number of people for whom it has seat belts and for whom it has the required load-bearing capacity. If car seats and/or booster seats are used, the lessor accepts no liability for the correct fitting and fastening of these seats.

Pick-up: Collecting the motorhome

When the lessee arrives at CamperWorld to collect the motorhome, the lessor and lessee will together carry out an inspection of the motorhome. An inspection report (inventory) will then be signed by the lessee. The lessee will subsequently be charged for any damages not listed on the inspection report. In the high season waiting time can occur. Please allow about 45 minutes for the inspection report to be drawn up.

Standard equipment

This includes necessities for optimal use of the motorhome, such as a power cable, adapter for 220 V, water hose, wedges, warning triangle and yellow safety vest´s. All of the motorhomes are equipped with a fresh water tank (approx. 100-liter capacity), shower, chemical cassette toilet, stereo system, GPS transmitter, 2-3 gas-burning appliances, refrigerator and freezer for 12V, 220V and/or gas, heating system in the cabinet and air-conditioning in the car part. Most motorhomes are also fitted with bicycle carriers for 3-4 lightweight bicycles and a baking oven. See description in lessor’s catalogues or on our website.

The starting kit

This includes instruction in the most important functions of the motorhome, one filled gas cylinder, 5 sanitation tabs and two rolls of toilet paper for the chemical toilet, an outdoor table and outdoor chairs, inspection of motorhome upon return, and external cleaning. The lessee is liable for damaged and missing equipment.


Rent or purchase of extras such as duvets, pillows and bed linen, towel kits, kitchen equipment and utensils, cutlery and plates, cleaning packages, car seats, extra gas bottles, self-excess reduction, free mileage, etc., can be ordered in advance, and in special cases also on the date of pick-up. Prices can be found on CamperWorld’s website.

During the journey

Every day the lessee must check the water, air, oil, diesel, Adblue and anything else that may affect the ability of the motorhome to continue to function properly. The lessee is liable for any damage that are a direct result of failing to carry out maintenance and inspection og the motorhome during the leasing period. The lessee is responsible for any wear and tear resulting from irresponsible handling of the motorhome. The self-excess does not cover damage due to negligence. Read more about the self-excess in the relevant section.

Mileage – kilometers travelled

When renting for 9 days or less, 2.000 km are included. Any kilometers driven in excess of the threshold are subject to a charge of 2 DKK per kilometer driven. It is possible to purchase FREE MILEAGE in advance. When renting 10 days or more, the lessee is not charged for the actual number og kilometers driven.

Replacement of gas cylinders

For longer trips or trips in the winter, an extra bottle of gas can be beneficial. The lessee may replace an empty gas cylinder with a pre-packed gas cylinder from CamperWorld. It is not permitted to change CamperWorld’s gas cylinders to others. If the packaging on the extra bottle of gas are unbroken, the extra charges is refunded with the deposit.

Electric kettle and hair dryers

Water should be boiled in a saucepan or a kettle on the stove’s gas burner. Most campsites in Europe are not equipped to handle the high energy consumption that a kettle requires, and the use of a kettle may therefore lead to power cuts affecting the whole campsite. The same restrictions is regarding hair dryers.


Smoking is not permitted in the motorhome


Lessees are allowed to take a dog with them in some of the motorhome subject to CamperWorld’s prior agreement. If the lessee takes a dog, he/she must take particular care when cleaning the inside of the vehicle. If the cleaning proves to be inadequate and the lessor discovers the presence of dog hairs, for example, the lessee will be charged for failing to clean the vehicle adequately. Please therefore pay particular attention to cleaning if you take your dog with you on your journey. It is not possible to order prepaid cleaning if a dog has been on the trip.

Traffic offences

The lessor advises the lessee to become fully acquainted with the traffic regulations of the countries he/she is visiting, as the lessee is liable for any incidents involving the police and any other claims arising from the lessee’s use of the vehicle. The lessor cannot be held liable therefore. Such incidents also include any traffic offences, including speeding fines, parking fines, non-payment of road tolls, etc., and any other claims relating to the lease. CamperWorld reserves the right to charge the lessee for fines and related fees (administration is 350 DKK), which are primarily covered by the paid deposit.

Driving in Sweden and Norway

If the trip goes north, the lessee can benefit from pre-register the motorhome at either Autopass/Norway ( og EPASS24/Sweden ( Some sites may also be paid with BroBizz. If the lessee shows the receipts for passings, the lessor does not consider it necessary to withhold a part of the deposit, cf. section on deposit.

Minor damages

If during the rental agreement, a fuse blows, a water pump ceases to work, or there are other minor technical faults, the lessee is responsible for ensuring that these faults are repaired. The lessee may spend up to 1.000 DKK for purchase of new minor parts, but only by agreement with the lessor. The expenses will be covered and refunded subject to the lessee providing the relevant receipts.

Major damages

In the case of major damages, or such like, resulting in the motorhome breaking down, the lessee shall – subject to CamperWorld’s agreement – contact SOS breakdown services which will then provide assistance and any towing that may be required. Any repair of mechanical faults not attributable to negligence by the lessee or other conduct shall be covered by the lessor, but may not be carried out without the lessor’s prior agreement. Any repairs must be carried out by an authorized garage. The lessee is liable for damages, etc., which are not covered by standard liability and comprehensive insurance, including gross negligence, intoxication, acts of war, etc.

SOS breakdown services will provide transport home if it takes more than 3 days to carry out the repairs, but will not provide board and lodging for repairs that are carried out within a period of 3 days. The lessee is not entitled to any compensation in addition to the services provided by SOS breakdown services. Any repair to damages costing in excess of 1.000 DKK must first be agreed with the lessor before such repairs are carried out. The bill will be paid by the lessor when the lessee returns.

Faults affecting the stereo system, refrigerator, freezer, satnav, television or other internal equipment are not deemed to be major damage.

Examples of injury

Putting diesel into the freshwater tank would mean that the tank, the associated pipes and the water heater would all have to be replaced. Such replacement is not covered by the insurance and is therefore payable by the lessee. If only the freshwater tank needs to be replaced, such damage amounts to approximately 30.000 DKK.

Refueling the vehicle with anything other than diesel may result in damage to the engine, which would then have to be replaced. The replacement of the engine is not covered by the insurance and is therefore payable by the lessee. Depending on the vehicle model, the cost of replacing an engine is in the order of 45.000 DKK

Lack of refueling with Adblue can cause the engine not to start or the motorhome´s speed to lower to 30 km/h. Adblue reduces pollution and lowers fuel consumption, and is considered essential for optimal driving. The lessee is responsible for filling Adblue on the same terms as the filling of diesel.

If the lessee or any other person forgets to close the side windows in the living area and the skylights of the motorhome, and these are damaged by tress, etc., og torn off in the wind, the liability lies with the lessee. Depending on the model of motorhome, the cost of replacing and fixing a window can amount to approximately 8.000 DKK.

In case of damage such as the above, where the camper cannot be rented out to subsequent lessees after tenants default, a compensation will be required covering the rent during the period when the camper is repaired.


If the lessee has an accident, he/she must notify CamperWorld immediately. The lessee must ensure that he/she obtains a police report and must never accept liability when abroad. It may be costly. If others are involved in the accident, remember to include this information on the insurance documentation.

Remember to include photographs of the damage, the site of the damage, the other party’s number plate and any other information that may be needed should an insurance claim be made because the lessor is not liable if the insurance policy does provide cover due to lack of documentation provided by the lessee.

Stone chips

Stone chips are rarely self-inflicted, but if the lessee knows the cause of the stone chip, the lessor must be informed. This may be if a carrier loses a stone from its load or the road is covered with stone due to road work, e.g. In such cases, the lessee should display images as well as information.

Theft and robbery
The motorhome’s insurance policy covers damage to furniture and fixings provided there is a police report. CamperWorld accepts no liability for theft of personal property, etc. The lessee is advised to check the details of his/her contents insurance which usually provides cover for all property belonging to the lessee provided that the police are notified. The lessee is responsible for ensuring that a police report is written and that the lessor is provided with a copy.

The rental includes fully comprehensive and “SOS” breakdown insurance. Comprehensive insurance only covers damage to the motorhome’s bodywork. Damage to installations, furniture and other equipment is not covered by the comprehensive insurance policy and must therefore be paid by the lessee. The lessee’s own contents insurance policy usually covers personal items according to the same provisions that apply to items stored in a private vehicle.

The insurance is valid in most countries in Europe, but excludes Turkey, Rumania, Morocco, Israel and the countries of the former Soviet Union. Accordingly, the lessee is not permitted to enter these countries.

For any incident entailing damage to the vehicle, including liability, damage incurred when parking the vehicle or driving the vehicle in traffic or other damage to the bodywork, the lessee of the motorhome must pay an excess of DKK 9.000. The regulations of the insurance industry shall apply.

Any damage caused by the incorrect operation or improper use of installations in the motorhome is not covered by our insurance policy and the lessee will therefore be fully liable for the costs of repairing such damage. The excess insurance shall not apply in these instances.

The insurance company considers each injury separately with individual excess. If the lessee/driver backs up into a tree before driving softly in to a lamp post, it is considered to be 2 separate injuries with its own excess.

The lessee can reduce the excess to 4.000 DKK, 2.000 DKK or 0 DKK for the first case of damage. The lessee must pay this before the date on which he/she collects the motorhome. The lessor encourages the lessee to go through their own insurance, because often the rental of an ordinary passenger car – like most of CamperWorld´s motorhomes – is included in a reduction in self-excess. Some Danish insurance companies have made it possible to draw additional insurance when renting motorhomes, so that self-excess is reduced.

Returning the motorhome

It is important to return the motorhome in good time to ensure that the vehicle is ready for the next lessee. There may of course be situations when the lessee is unable to deliver the motorhome at the appointed time. In such cases, the lessor must be notified with immediate effect. If the motorhome is returned at a time later than that agreed in the contract, the lessee shall be charged a fee of 1.000 DKK per hour. If the return of the vehicle is delayed for more than 3 hours, the lessee is liable for the cost of a replacement vehicle for the next lessee covering the period for which the motorhome has been booked.

If the motorhome is returned prior to the appointed date, the lessee shall still be liable for the cost of hiring the vehicle for the entire period of the hire agreement. The rental is non-refundable.

Upon delivery, the lessor makes a sampling of different things on the motorhome with the lessee. All errors, defects and damages are noted on the delivery report, after which it is signed by both the lessee and the lessor. Some damages can only be seen after the subsequent washing and cleaning, which is thy the lessor reserves the right to charge the lessee for unregistered errors, shortcomings and damages, if no information is provided on the date og delivery. In case of delayed delivery or delivery outside normal opening hours, the owner reserves the right to review the motorhome after the departure of the lessee.

Checklist for returning the motorhome

The lessee must ensure that the motorhome is returned in the same clean state that it was in on the day on which the lessee collected the vehicle. The lessee may pay for the motorhome to be cleaned by CamperWorld after returning the vehicle if the lessee has booked this service in advance (not an option when traveling with a dog).

  • Check that you have not left anything in cabinets, gloveboxes, under mattresses, etc.
  • Kitchen equipment, utensils, cutlery and crockery must be cleaned.
  • Bath and toilet must be cleaned.
  • The toilet cassette must be completely emptied. There must be sanitation tabs, water or anything else in the toilet cassette.
  • The refrigerator and freezer must be emptied and cleaned.
  • The gas burners/stove must be cleaned.
  • If there is an oven in the motorhome, this must be cleaned.
  • All surfaces, including tables, cabinets and floors must be cleaned.
  • The waste water tank must be emptied.
  • Trash/Scrap must be thrown out.
  • Fuel (diesel), Adblue and sprinkler fluid must be filled.
  • If you have a dog with you on the trip, please pay attention to the cleaning so that all dog hairs and traces of the dog are gone afterwards.

Inadequate cleaning

If the lessee fails to ensure that the interior of the motorhome is adequately cleaned (and this includes the washing and cleaning of cutlery, crockery and other kitchen utensils), the lessee shall be charged a fee of 650 DKK per hour commenced, unless the lessee has already booked for the motorhome to be cleaned by CamperWorld after returning the motorhome. Any cleaning that has been booked ONLY covers internal cleaning. The cleaning of crockery and cutlery and other kitchen utensils is therefore not included in any pre-booked cleaning. Any lessee failing to empty the wastewater tank and toilet tank shall be charged a fee of 1.000 DKK per tank. Any fuel or Adblue missing will be charged at the market price in addition to a handling fee of 325 DKK.

The lessor´s provisos and guarantee

CamperWorld reserves the right to make changes to vehicle models, equipment, prices, descriptions and printing errors.

CamperWorld reserves the right to replace the vehicle with one of similar or larger size without giving the lessee notification of such a change.

If it is not possible to provide the lessee with the specified motorhome due to damage, technical faults or the late return of the vehicle by a previous lessee, CamperWorld will try to find a similar motorhome for the period of the hire agreement. The replacement vehicle may differ in terms of size and model, and the difference in the cost of hire will of course be refunded. Any upgrade will not incur any additional costs to the lessee. If the lessee is not satisfied with the replacement vehicle, the lessee shall agree to the hire agreement being postponed. If the hire agreement is cancelled, the above cancellation policy apply

The lessee is not entitled to compensation for any loss of holiday caused by an accident involving the hired vehicle or as a result of mechanical faults or any defects affecting the motorhome’s technical installations, including mechanical steps, faucet, toilet, etc.

Please note that it is generally not possible to contact the lessor at weekends and on weekdays after 6 pm.